Remote shutdown computers.

Today's article will teach you how to play practical jokes on your work/school friends. It requires the use of command prompt and will also teach you how to look at other computers on your network.

I'll be using a pretty basic example, and I'm using Vista, so this might not be perfect for you. We'll start with the computer names. Go to your start bar, if it's on your desktop, open up your computer "My Computer". It should look something close to this

Now go ahead and look at the navigation pane to the left (the thing that lists all your drives and other fun stuff). Click on Network.

Now, I'm not on a network right now, but if I was, there would other computers listed here with their computer names. Now for the fun part.

A lot of people will say use the run dialogue, as we used in a previous article, but I'm just going to say you're using Vista or 7. I use Vista, personally, and it works the same with 7. Open the start bar and enter "cmd" in the search bar. A black window will open up, and you will feel instantly more of a liability to anybody with an Internet connection.

The black hacker box will look something like this

It's not a hacker box, that was a joke. Moving on. The shutdown part. Type "shutdown -i" in and press enter. A new window will pop up and look a lot like this.

Now you need to click add and a text field will pop open. Enter the computer name.

The rest is pretty basic, and you can fool around with the settings anyway you want. All of that stuff is pretty plain English, though. This is the message that will appear:


  1. Interesting post, but it's a bit hard to read on that background!

  2. I agree. What color text do you think, bob? Green? Or should I fix the background?

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I MUST try this out!

  4. I used to do this all the time at my college. Kept shutting down the prof's computer. IT was WTF when I shut it down on them when the prof called them after about 45 minutes of trying to get the computer restarted.

  5. Hahaha just done this, it works!