Changing a password without knowing one.

This will be the first real submission to this blog, and will therefore be a poor one.

If you are ever on a computer, at say a library or a friends, or possibly a family computer, and you want to change an account password that isn't yours (obviously, you'd have to be signed on to your account for this to work).

First, open your start menu. If you're on XP, look for the clickable that says "run". If it's Vista or 7, just type run into the search bar.

Open the run dialogue. In the text field, type "control userpasswords2" without the quotes. Press enter. It will open this window:

Click the username of the account you want to change the password of and click "Reset Password".

That concludes the first ever submission to what I'm sure will be the least successful blog on the Internet.


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  2. Ah thanks for that, i missed one step but i got it now! Thanks man!

  3. i didnt know that you could do that

  4. Bookmarked for future reference, very helpful.

  5. that's cool i didn't know you can do that. thanks